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Elections - 2020 and onward

I don't care to tell you I think the 2020 election was stolen through many nefarious methods. I want a full forensic audit and nothing less. And when we find out exactly what happened I want to decertify the election. And then the criminals need to go to jail, at best. We the people are fed up and it's high time we had justice. 

As for the upcoming 2022 elections I can tell you right now that I am certainly voting and it will not be on a Dominion voting machine. They are Chinese theft machines, Kemp knows it, and the only place they belong in Georgia is our landfills. That's why I'll be requesting an absentee ballot, filling it out in writing, and then hand delivering my ballot directly to one of the poll workers on election day. 

Going forward we need in-person, same-day elections with paper ballots to be counted at the polls by hand and documented by local election officials at the precinct before transport. Long sentence, but it's pretty simple. I understand a small percentage physically can't be present at the polls to vote and some exceptions should be made, but only once verified and in far fewer numbers than we have previously experienced.



When I read this bill the first time it made me sick. I almost didn't believe it. A direct and repeated reference to "any" condition listed in the World Health Organization's International Classification of Diseases (ICD-11)? What on God's green earth are we doing staining the pages of our laws with the words WHO?! These people are sick. Anyone who thinks that pedophiles are the real victims because they suffer from a paraphylic mental disorder even if they've already hurt a child have lost their ever-loving minds.

And yes, HB1013 explicitly stated that ANY condition listed by the godless and evil WHO could be eligible for treatment with out-patient therapy instead of jail and at taxpayer expense. Yes, you read that right. How about (among many other things) gender transition surgery that you have to pay for. That churches have to pay for. No, sadly, there wasn't even a religious exemption in this terrible bill when my opponent voted yes, on March 8, 2022. 

Oh and he's not alone. Every Democrat and almost every Republican voted yes and HB1013 successfully passed our State House of Representatives. Stacey Abrams couldn't stop praising this bill and all but three of our Republican Representatives voted for it. Now let that sink in.

I give my respect and support to the only 3 true Republicans in the House who had the courage and decency to vote no. Representatives Byrd, Singleton, and Gilligan... I salute you. 

And to all the rest... all I can say is shame on you and I hope every one of you lose your jobs on May 24th.

2nd Amendment - and so much more

If you've never read the Declaration of Independence or the Bill of Rights, I strongly recommend you do so. Every American should. 

I own several guns that I will never give up. And I find the whole notion of a "government buy-back program" patently ridiculous. How is the government going to buy back something that they never owned to begin with? All I can say is look at Nazi Germany. Or more recently, look at Australia.

I have also been endorsed by the Chattooga County 2A Sanctuary Group for my staunch defense of our right to keep and bear arms. This group of patriots were instrumental in getting Chattooga County designated a 2nd Amendment Sanctuary County. They deserve our thanks and support.

I will never stop defending this, or any of our other God given, inalienable, constitutionally protected rights. Never.


God - enough said

I am pro-life and I make no exceptions. As my wife/a.k.a. The smartest woman I know so eloquently put it "God creates every life for a reason." So well said Mandie.

I am a man, and I can never become a woman. We're different and that's okay. Our differences compliment each other perfectly. In fact it's one of the only differences in human beings that we should recognize and celebrate. Man or woman and good or bad, that's it. Not what color we are or who we love or any of the other nonsense the left uses for talking points all day. All the reasons they want us to believe that we are so different and can never come together. Except we can. And we are. And they hate it.

And as far as biological men who can't cut it in sports and, instead of getting in a gym and practicing like hell to improve, decide they are going to be women now and compete against the girls... well, I'll be polite and suffice it to say that back in my day we would never have allowed such pitiful behavior. Men, you have the absolute right to dress, and act like, and even call yourself a woman if that flips your switch. BUT you do not have the right to use the bathroom with my granddaughter or beat her in sports (unless she joins the boy's team)! 

I will never apologize for my faith in God and his son Jesus. And I will always vote with my conscience and according to these beliefs. But I also will never look down on anyone just because they don't share my beliefs. Being a Christian doesn't automatically make you a good person, and vice versa. The important thing is that we remain free to worship how we see fit with no government interference and I will always stand up for that. This is why I have also been endorsed by Take Back Our Christian Nation.


State of Georgia vs. We The People

I believe the government should leave us alone. I'm a plain-spoken man and that's how I feel. I'm sick of them acting like they have free access to rummage in our pockets whenever they'd like and to take as much as they want. I'm sick of how laughably frivolous they are when it comes to spending our money. And I am for sure sick of the government acting like they can take care of us and our children better than we can take care of ourselves.

As Ronald Reagan said "The scariest words any American can hear are 'I'm from the government and I'm here to help'."

Now I have a joke for you (sorry if it isn't that funny)... what's the difference between Democrats and RINO's? Democrats stab you in the front. They may tell you the most outlandish things you've ever heard with a perfectly straight face, but at least you can believe they mean exactly what they say.

The time has come to purge the Republican Party of these bad actors. To say once and for all in a voice like thunder that the governed no longer give our consent. That we are fed up with the horrible job you RINO's have done and that we are on our way and we are going to do it ourselves from now on like it was always supposed to be. As I'm fond of saying... the Patriots are coming.


In closing

246 years ago a duty was enshrined to us by the original patriots because they knew this day would come. That the very government they were about to shed blood and risk all (and I do mean all) to establish would one day grow too large and tyrannical and be used  against the people of this land just like the government they were getting ready to unleash purely original American hell on. 

They also knew that We the People would rise to our duty and our birthright. That's why they worded things so carefully. That's why they were so brilliant. And they can absolutely see us now and I do believe they are beaming with pride.

And fortunately for us and even more so for those who would stand against the light and the good of this country and her Patriotic people, thanks to those great men we don't have to shed blood to cause political pain.

Have you seen the movie "The Longest Yard", either version? Well that's what the May 24th primary election is like. The establishment RINO's are the guards. We filthy Deplorables are the cons. If they bother speaking to us at all, they lie. And they certainly don't listen. But on the 24th, thanks to the founders of this great nation, it's gameday. They can't hide behind suits in offices under that gold dome in Atlanta that day. No, they have to lace up and get on the same field as us. Then it's our turn.

Join me and let's make May 24th a day of reckoning. Then we can party like it's the Fourth of July.

For Liberty,


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